This webpage was started due to the diligence of Chief George Hall.� Thank you Chief!


This list is 1948 - Present.


I would like to find the birth/death date of each of the below.I have an idea of putting the

highest rank badge next to each person and if the interest and information is provided for

firefighters of the other services, we can create a page for each service.Thoughts and ideas

are encouraged.


As of 28 February 2018:

EURAFSWA Regional Fire Chief Dean Riewald (Msgt � USAF Ret)

CMSgt (Fire Chief � AFRC/Civ Svs Ret) Larry Lose Westover AFRB MA

Firefighter Erick Schafer (Civ - Svs/Former USAF Sgt) Fairchild/Eglin AFB

Assistant Chief Jeff Sommers (Civ Svs) Davis Monthan AZ

Tsgt Arthur M. Long - Utah ANGs � Salt Lake County Fire Department

Supply NCO Msgt Ennis Arlaundo Fowler (USAF Ret) Langley AFB

Gregg Sorell (Former USAF Firefighter) Whiteman AFB MO

Fire Chief Jeff Sukalski (USAF Ret/Civ Svs Ret) Shepard AFB TX

Captain William Remington Kline (Civ Svs - Ret) MacDill AFB FL

Firefighter Keith Mathers (20 yrs AFRES/25 yr Boeing)

Firefighter Jacob Lee Land (SRA Med Retired) Charleston AFB

TSgt Peter Garcia (USAF - Ret) A/C Logistics - Travis AFB CA

Fire Chief SMSgt Scott F. Hansen (USAF - Ret) A/C Ops (Civ Svs Ret) Las Vegas NV

Fire Chief Donald Thomas Spitzer (MSgt USAF - Ret/Civ Svs - Ret) Shaw AFB

Ed Hagerman (USAF - Ret/Civ Svs - Ret) Loring AFB ME

Asst. Fire Chief Louie Phelps (Civ Svs Ret) Fairchild WA


Former AF Firefighter Calvin Williams (Retired Philadelphia Fire Department)

Fire Chief James F. Norrenberns (Civ Svs Ret) Scott AFB IL

AC Fire Prevention James C. Maryott (Civ Svs Ret) Hill AB UT

Fire Inspector Frank Hunt (Civ Svs Ret) Hill AFB UT

Firefighter Terrell Jack Blaker � (Active AF FF 87 - 92) (Civ Svs Ret 94 - 2014) FE Warren

Thomas W. 'Buddy' Pool Jr. (MS ANG Ret) 186th TRW FD (Civ Svs Ret) Fire Captain - Meridian

Fire Lt. Caryln Lynn Paulson (Former AF FF) San Antonio Fire Department TX

Fire Captain Joey Benedati (Civ Svs Ret) Davis Monthan AZ

Assistant Chief Francisco �Frank� Lopez (Civ Svs) Lackland AFB TX

FF, Driver, and Alarm Ctr Operator Senior Airman Timothy J. �Buck� Dotson � Altus

Assistant Chief Technical Svs � TSgt Paul Cook (USAF Ret) Blytheville AR

Assistant Chief Lonnie A. Brown (Civ Svs Retired) Ft Eustis/Story VA

Chris Stewart (Former AF Firefighter) Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

Fire Inspector Wayne Rexroat (Civ Svs Ret) Luke AFB AZ

Fire Vehicle Mechanic - John �Cal� Sherman (Civ Svs Ret) Langley AFB VA

Assistant Chief Lonnie A. Brown (Civ Svs Retired) Ft Eustis/Story VA

Asst Chief Operations Gregory R. Jordan (Retired ME ANG) Bangor Intl Apt ME

Thomas Bieslin (MSgt � ANG Ret) (FDNY � Ret) - 106th Rescue Wing � Suffolk Cty, NY

Fire Captain Donald Higgins (Civ Svs - Ret) Ellsworth AFB SD

Crew Chief Bill Fairbridge (Former AF FF/Civ Svs Ret) Grand Forks ND

Fire Instructor Kenneth A. Medlen Sr. (USAF - Ret) (Civ Svs Ret) Chanute AFB IL

Stephen F Kelly (Former AF FF) Naugatuk CT (Barksdale AFB)

Crew Chief Willie Aquire (Civ Svs Ret) Williams AFB AZ

Charles Avery Dills (AFR/Civ Svs Ret) - Dobbins AFRB GA

Ext Maintenance Herwart Faber (German Natl Civ Svs Ret) � Spangdahlem AB GE

D/O John Skibitski (Civ Svs Ret) Griffiss AFB

FF Ray E. Parkes � Seymour Johnson (Calhoun GA)

FF Tom Johnson � Seymour Johnson Timmonsville SC)

Assistant Chief William �Bill� H. Williams (Civ Svs Ret) Hill AFB UT

Fire Captain Dan Hamilton (USAF Ret FF) - JRB Ft Worth (Ret)

Roger Hamilton (Former AF FF) Retired AC Ops Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky Airport

Captain George �Roscoe� Meyes (Former AF FF) Chicago O�hare IAP - ARS

GS - 7 Jimmy Johns (Civ Svs Ret) Travis AFB CA

Assistant Chief Thomas L. Johnson (CMSgt - Ret) (Civ Svs Ret) Seymour - Johnson AFB SC

CMSgt James �Jim� Legg (USAF - Ret) Tyndall AFB FL - AFESC

Firefighter Darby Skinner McCathern, Jr. (Former AF - FF/Civ Svs Ret) Shaw AFB

CMSgt Homer Duncan (UAF - Ret) Blytheville AFB AR

Gonzola �Gray� Grajeda (Tsgt USAF - Ret) (Contract FD Ret) Nellis AFB NV

Chief Robert �Bob� L. Vires Sr. (CMSgt USAF - Ret/Civ Svs Ret) Barksdale AFB

Firefighter Micheal Snedden McEntire 169th FW - JNGB SC

Chief James Dunkin (Civ Svs Ret) Tinker AFB

Lead Firefighter Bill Schwall (Civ Svs Ret) Selfridge ANGB MI

Engineer Terrance W. Curry (Civ Svs/Former USAF - FF) Eglin AFB

Roy E. Parker (Former AF Firefighter - Seymour Johnson /Civ Svs Ret FF) Calhoun GA

James Turek (Civ Svs Ret) Scott AFB

Driver David Stiel (Civ Svs Ret) Minot AFB

Chief Leland Dale Kenney (Ret Chief � CMSgt - ANG) Des Moines IA

Fire Inspector Todd Evers (Civ Svs) Tinker AFB

John Joseph (Joe) Egan, Jr (USAF/Civ Svs Ret) (Korean War Vet) Jacksonville Fl

Crew Chief Mordecai Hudson (Civ Svs Ret) Hickam AFB

Herr Zeimentz (German Natl FF @ Bitburg) Bitburg AB, FRG

SSgt Carroll Sites (SSgt USAF Ret) � no other info

Fire Chief William Jack Tibbetts (Civ Svs Ret) Castle, Laughlin, and Randolph AFBs

Crew Chief Gerald (Jerry) E. Pelfree (Civ Svs Ret/TSgt USAF Ret) KI Sawyer

Crew Chief Danny Dunlap (Civ Svs Ret) Hickam AFB HI

Jim Franklin (Civ Svs Ret) Dobbins AFRB GA

AC Operations Kirk P. Harrigan (Civ Svs Ret)(Former AF FF) Plattsburg AFB NY

Lt Gary Barrows (Milford MA FD) Former AF FF - Loring AFB/Hahn AB GE

Fire Captain James Harper (Civ Svs Ret) Grissom AFB

Crew Chief Roger Miller (Former AF/Civ Svs Ret) Moody AFB GA

Firefighter Wally Hasting (Tsgt 106th NY ANG) (Retired FDNY firefighter)

Fire Chief L. St Piere (Civ Svs � Ret) KI Sawyer

Federal Fire San Diego Captain John Nathaniel (Former Vandenberg Civ FF)

Sgt Mike Weis (Former AF FF) Kadena/Panama City FL

Rich Turner (Msgt USAF Ret) Former Dep Chief Peterson AFB CO/(Civ Svs Ret) Shaw AFB

Al Snyder (Msgt USAF Ret) Newport News VA

Captian Kim I. Melson (Civ Svs Ret) Grissom AFB IN

Crew Chief Wilmer Taylor (Civ Svs Ret) Hill AFB

AC Tech Svs Randay Adams (Civ Svs Ret) Hill AFB

Chief Ernie Lykins (Msgt USAF Ret) (Civ Svs Ret) Peterson/Falcon (now Schriever) AFB)

Tony Bonner (Former AF FF � Sgt) Germany/Wichita KS

Julius Harry Sasser (Ret - AF FF and Ret FF and Deputy Chief) Maitland, Florida

FF Jonnie Moore (Civ - Ret) Dover AFB DE

Harold Zenitsky (WWII Veteran) (26 yr Kansas City, MO FF & Fire Captain) (12 yr GS FF) Richards - Gebaur AFB, MO

Captain Scott Woodward (Former SSgt USAF/USAFR) 20 yr Civ FF NAS LeMoore

Guillermo �TL� Torres - Luna (Msgt USAF Ret)

Richard N. Vickers (Major, USAF Ret/Civ Svs Ret) Chief, Air Force Fire Research Lab

Firefighter Vernon Wilson (Civ - Ret) (WWII Army Vet) Langley AFB VA

SMSgt Fred Wall (USAF Ret) - Winston Salem NC

Driver Operator Gary Jackson (Civ - Ret) Altus AFB Ok

Retired Captain Dave Decker - Kingsley Field - 173 FW

Chief James "Jim" Murch (USAF/Civ Svs Ret) � Goodfellow AFB TX

Crew Chief George Luper (Civ Svs Ret) Little Rock AFB AR

Firefighter Donald Randquist (Mil/Civ Ret) Buckley AFB

Captain William M. Rogers (Civ Svs Ret) � Otis AFB MA

Chief Ed Cox (Civ Svs Ret) Bergstrom AFB TX

Chief Jack McComb (Civ Svs Ret) Nellis AFB NV

Oakie Lindeman (Tsgt USAF/Civ Svs Ret) - K.I. Sawyer AFB MI

Chief Ken Vigus (Civ Svs Ret) Griffiss AFB

Fire Captain Theodore Alff (Former AF FF) (Ret Civ Svs) � Griffiss/Pope AFB

John Collier (Civ Svs Ret Firefighter and Union Treasurer - Vandenberg

Asst Chief (Civ Svs) Ops David Filut (Tsgt USAF Ret/HH43 Crew) - Williams AFB, AZ

Martice Paul Birmingham (Tsgt AF Ret) Biloxi MS

William �Bill� Earl Bennett Jr (Former AF FF)

Edward J. Novak (Civ Svs Ret Fire Fighter) Ohare 928th Air Reserve/Scott 126th ARW

Captain Clarence "Barney" Pitcock (Civ Svs Ret) Dobbins ARB

Firefighter Dustan ChalupeckyLackand AFB

Sidney R. Pearce Sr. (Retired Civ FF) Langley Va

Doug Mehrof (Former AF FF) Lajas Field, Azores

CMSGT (USAFR ret) Randy Simonsen HQ Air Force Reserve Command


The following additional names were provided by Seymore Johnson AFB Fire Emergency Services Flight.

The individuals passing has been validated but dates of passing are unknown,

thus I will list as 2017 until dates are provided.

Dep Chief Jerry Jones (Msgt USAF Ret) � Seymour Johnson

FF Alphonzo Smith - Seymour Johnson

SSgt Leonard Thierrien - Seymour Johnson

GS - 7 Fire Inspector Billy McCullen (Ssgt USAF Ret) � Seymour Johnson

Airman John B. Jones (Airman - USAF) � Seymour Johnson

Technical Services GS - 8 Edgar Davis (Civ Svs Ret) � Seymour Johnson

FF Elisha Langston � Seymour Johnson

FF Hubert Aycock � Seymour Johnson

Crew Chief Roy Snider (Civ Svs Ret) � Seymour Johnson

Asst Chief Jesse Hobbs (SMSgt USAF/Civ Svs Ret) � Seymour Johnson

FF Bruce Weiss � Seymour Johnson

Crew Chief Cecil P. Manning (Civ Sve Ret) � Seymour Johnson

Lead Dispatcher Paul Charland - Marlow (Civ UK FF) RAF Mildenhall UK
Captain Randy Wille - Hanscom/Little Rock Iowa
Earl J. Hopple (Msgt USAF Ret) Harvest Al
Willie Barbosa (Civ FF Ret) Brooks AFB
Richard William Nix (USAF Ret Mil/HH43 Crewmember/Civ Svs) Castle AFB
Mike Heffner (Former Civ FF March/Edwards) Battalion Chief Kern County Fire Department
Curtis Brissette (USAF Ret) Heath Ohio
Chief (Civilian Community) Paul Sanchez (Former AF FF) Elmendorff
Harry Peterson (Former AF Civ FF) Nellis AFB NV
Bruce Meacham (Retired Civ FF) Niagara Falls/Creech AFB NV
SSgt Gary VanHorne (Former FF) 144th FW Cal ANG. Pa
Firefighter Casey Carlin - (Prior Active AF)115 CES/FD Madison Wisconsin ANG
MSgt Steve Fish (ANG Ret) - 131/231st Saint Louis Air Guardsmen
Patrick "Soup" Campbell (Former AF FF/Retired Civ Svs Fire Captain) Edwards AFB/China Lake/Naval Base Ventura County
FF/CC Bill Crowder (Retired GS 06) Eaker/Blytheville AFB Arkansas.
Jason C. Berlin - Former AFRES TSgt Eglin AFB/ GS Inspector U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal
FF Jesse Salas (GS - Ret) Kelly/Lackland
TSgt John A. Bethel (USAF Ret) - Waverly, Ohio
CMSGT William (Bill) Sinclair GS Fire Chief Ret Bangor
Firefighter William Strathopolous 178th Ohio ANG
Asst Chief Jess M. Stroup 178th Ohio ANG
TSgt Adam Long - Springfield Ohio ANG FD - DLA FD Columbus - LODD
Partick Hardy - Retired Deputy Chief - Mississippi ANG
Frank McGough (Ret - USAF) Travis AFB CaA
Msgt Donald (Smokey) Nadeau (Ret - Former AF firefighter) Pease AFB, NH
Firefighter (Civ Svs) Joe Van Orsdale (Former active AF) - Westover MA
Assistant Chief (AF Ret) Ted Borowiz - Lakenheath/Kirtland AFB
Fred Henry Kleppsattel (Former AF FF A2C 1962 - 64) Plattsburgh AFB NY
Assistant Chief Dennis Carl Brewer (Civ Svs Ret) Barksdale AFB
FF Karl Kiplinger (former AF and Civ Svs FF) George AFB
Assistant Chief Dave Tatum (Ret) - Whiteman MO (Melbourne Fl)
Driver/Operator Stu Benshoof (Civ Svs Ret) - Fairchild AFB
Lieutenant Stuart Benshoof (Civ Svs Ret) Fairchild AFB
Lieutenant Earl Langdon (Civ Svs Ret) Fairchild AFB
Chief Ira �Lenny� Blau - (USCG WWII Veteran/SMS - USAFR/Civ Svs Ret) Fire Chief, Majcom, Monico Enterprises - San Antonio TX
Chief Jim McKay (CMSgt USAFR/Civ Svs Ret) Fire Chief, MAJCOM, AFCESA
Asst Chief (GS - Ret) Paul Sanchez - Elmendorf
AF FF (69 - 72) TSgt Gary R. Burgin, AR - Niagara Falls
Fire Chief (GS Ret) Richard �Cortie� Pittman (SMSgt Ret ANG) 138th FTW Tulsa OK
Firefighter (Ret) Dennis Drapp - Grissom ARB
Firefighter Danny Bryant - GS - Ret - Grissom ARB
Crew Chief Vernon Phillips (GS Ret) Altus AFB
Crew Chief Willie Hendricks (GS Ret) Altus AFB
Assistant Chief F. Vega - White Sands Missile Range (USAF/Army)
Former AF FF Graham Cross, - Bentwaters/Woodbridge
Chief James R. Coville (MSgt - USAF Ret) Hanscom/Ret Fire Chief - Ft Devens Ma (US Army) -
Assistant Chief Thaddeus (Ted) Borowicz AF Ret Incirlik AB
Sgt Dale Carlson (Former AF FF Wiesbaden Air Base 68 - 72) - FF at O'Hare airport.
Civ FF Bob Bowers (MSgt USAF Ret) Ellsworth AFB
Crew Chief Glenn Blair - Reese AFB GS - 6
Firefighter Bruce Smith (Former AF Firefighter) Ft Meade Md
WO 4 Thomas Forbes (USMC) - Louis F Garland Fires Academy
Chief Joseph M. Haider (CMSgt USAF Ret) - Retired Fire Chief Whidbey Island (USN)
MSgt Dave Stapleton (USAF Retired) AFSPC - Colorado Springs
Msgt Richard G. Patton (USAF Retired)
MSgt Jim Green (USAF Ret) Retired Former Fire Chief at Ft Jackson
Chad Vakili (Former AF FF) - Peterson AFB
Training Officer Stephen Warren Rayburn - 172nd Airlift Wing Gulfport CRTC
Timothy Johnson (Former AF FF )
Raymond A. Celebucki (Former AF FF) Michigan City Fire Department IN
D/O Wilfred Greiner - Griffiss AFB
C/C Patrick Curly - Griffiss AFB
CMSGT (Ret) Dudley J. Butler, Fire Chief - Buckley CO
CMSgt (Ret - AFRes) Albert Williams, Jr. - FF Seymour Johnson
SSgt Kevin Okane (AF 10 yr FF) Eglin (Satellite Beach Fl)
Johnny B. Hillary Jr, Former AF FF - Riverside CA
Chief Bud Hartshorn (Civ Ret) Former Fire Chief at US Air Force Academy
Chief Joseph Longworth (USAF/Mil - Civ - Ret) - Westover
Larry D. "Smitty" Smith, (Civ FF Ret - Former AF FF) Dyess AFB, TX
Anthony "Tony" Prough - Assistant Chief Minot AFB
George Tucker (Civ FF) Barksdale AFB
Matthew Smith (Former USAF Firefighter)
Timothy "Tim" Patrick Greiner (Former Sgt, USAF, FF) PAFB
MSgt William (Bill) H. Owen (USAF Ret) Albuquerque NM
Jim McDonald (Contract FF) Bagram Fire Department


Assistant Chief Scott David Ramsey (Msgt USAF Ret) - Wichita County, Texas

Msgt (USAF Ret) William Rudolph "Butch" Fields - Shaw
Assistant Chief Sidney Moreland (Msgt USAF /Civ Svs Ret), Barksdale)
Steve Patrick, USAF Ret.
Air Force Fire Chief Donald W. Warner (CMSgt - USAF Ret/Civ Ret) AFCESA Tyndall AFB FL
Jack Balaja - Former AF - 8 yrs. Retired Civ FF/EMT/DO - NASJRB New Orleans
Rudolph Anthony Fournier, Sr., Bangor Maine - ANG
Station Chief John L. Hartman, Sr. (Civ Ret) - Langley AFB
Fire Chief CMSgt Gayle Boyd, (MSANG Retired) 186th Refueling Wing, MSANG
TSgt Ed Johns (USAF - Ret) Shaw AFB
Airman Quinn Johnson - Harris (Mitchell Field - Wisconsin ANG) - C - 130 Crash Afghanistan
Assistant Chief Bobbie Flannigan (AF TSgt/Civ Retired) Barksdale
MSgt. Jim Hendershot Jr - Mt Home Idaho
Fire Specialist (FFS) Joseph P. Savas - (Former AF Firefighter) - Los Angeles County FD
MSgt Henry Euell Martin (USAF - Ret) Olympia, WA - retired from Langley
Firefighter Shane Hennessey (Civ) Joint Base San Antonio / Ft Sam Houston
Chief George Waddell Bailey (CMSgt USAF - Ret) - Langley AFB (WWII Vet)
Assistant Chief Dale G. Wessendorf (Tsgt USAF - Ret) - McGuire AFB NJ
Scott H Hill (Tsgt USAF Ret) Kulis ANG/Ted Stevens Airport ANG - 176 CES and Fire Suppression Specialist for CH2MHill in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Chief James Garrett (AF Ret - Civ Ret) Lackland AFB (WWII Veteran)
Larry White (Civ - Ret) Fairchild
Fire Captain James Alan (Truck) Hicks Charolette ANG (Stanly County NC)
- on duty fatality at fire station after incident - LODD
Fire Chief Jimmie Rucker (AF - Ret) Blytheville AFB
Assistant Chief of Tech Services Roy Rodgers, (Civ - Ret) Columbus AFB
Wayne M. Haskins (USAF Ret) Kessler
Chief Joe Vineyarrd (SMSgt USAF Ret) - Former Fire Chief at Richards Gabeaur AFB
CMSgt (ANG - Ret) William Sinclair - fire chief Bangor Maine ANG
CMSgt (USAF - Ret) T.Z. Sherrill (Civ - Ret) Ellsworth AFB
Ken Neal Fairchild AFB
Firefighter Robert (Bobby) Casper (Civ - Ret) Hill AFB
MSgt (USAF - Ret) William Rudolph " Butch" Fields
Firefighter Timothy Wayne Llewellyn - Eglin (USAF 2005 - 2012)
Firefighter Doug Gregg - (former USAF) Ramstein/Mtn Home
Chief Bennie Eperson (Civ - Ret) - Chanute
Assistant Chief Floyd Fisher (Civ Ret) Chanute
Batallion Chief Felix S. Delorenzo Jr.(TSgt USAF Ret)(/Civ - Ret) Eglin
Firefighter Mason Storm DeRosier (ANG - 148th FW) Duluth Mn
Assistant Chief/Ops (Civ - Ret) Mike Hunter - McClellan AFB
Assistant Chief/Ops Richard G. Webb, (MSgt - ANG - Ret) Salt Lake City, UT
Gilberto Alberto Lopez, (TSgt - USAF - Ret)(Civ - Ret) San Antonio/Lackland
Comm Ctr Supervisor, Walter Bowser, (MSgt USAF - Ret) (Civ - Ret)Langley
NCOIC of ECC and Logistics Carl S. Cruz (TSgt - USAF) - Osan Korea
Assistant Chief Bobby Clawson (Mil/Civ - Ret) - Nellis
Assistant Chief Fire Prevention Charles L. Fox (USAF - Ret) (Civ - Ret) - Tyndall
Fred Liebsch Sr. (Tsgt USAF - Ret) - Grand Forks ND
Station Captain Ray Cawthon (Ret - Civ) - Eglin
Donald Eugene Rogers, Jr. (TSgt - Ret)


1st Sgt David Knickenbocker (Former Msgt AF Firefighter/Instructor) - Loring Maine
Assistant Chief (Tsgt USAF Ret) Joe Storey - Barksdale
SSgt Rick Hosack Former AF FF/Instructor Chanute/Ret - Ashville NC FD, resided in Colorado
Crew Chief (SSgt) Thomas Ankley 191st CE/CEF Selfridge ANG., MI
Firefighter Donald D. Sirois, (Civ - Ret) Loring AFB
Casey Siewierski, Jr. (Civ - Ret) Homestead AFB
Assistant Chief Wilbert Arthur �Muss� Musselman (USAF - Ret) Plattsburg AFB (1971)
Chief Joseph Earl Canoles (Civ - Ret) Pease AFB
Firefighter Norman Dale Burgher (USAF - Ret)(Civ - Ret) - Loring AFB
Crew Chief Donald (DK) Evans (MSgt - Ret)(Civ - Ret) - Dover AFB
Deputy Chief (SMSgt - Ret) Ed Ruffin
Chief Gerald Jewell (Civ - Ret) - Altus OK
Jeffrey L. Davis (CMSgt - USAF - Ret) - AFR Command Chief
LeRoy "Roy" Humphries (80 yrs old)(AF - Ret/GS - Ret) - Nellis NV
Chief Richard A. Heft (ANG - Ret) - Truax Field, Madison WI
Assistant Deputy Chief (MSgt - Ret) Phil Panter - served at Elmendor - Chief, Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Dept.
Firefighter - Sgt Kenny Wayne Pinaire Jr - Grissom
Firefighter - SrA Alberto Soto - Dover
Firefighter Delmon Ernest Blankenship (Civ - Ret) - McCord
Firefighter Troy Yopp (AF - Ret) (Civ - Ret) - Blytheville
Driver Operator (GS - 6 Ret) Mark Wright - Frederick Muni Airport, Frederick OK.
(Former AF SSgt) Alfred Mines - McConnell
Chief Fire Inspector James T. Archer (TSgt - Ret/Civ - Ret) - Offutt
**Chief (SMSgt - Ret) James D. Carroll - George
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Leroy Osborne - Offutt
Assistant Chief Vance Trapp - Pease NH and Bangor Maine
Crew Chief/TSgt William (Willy) Wilson ANG, Truax Field Madison WI
Afton Leroy Humphries (AF/Civ Svs Ret) - Nellis AFB
LODD: Fire Chief (US Navy) John McDonald - Joint Base Anacostia - Bolling (JBAB) - Naval District Washington (NDW) - - On the Wall as a LODD


Lloyd William Garner, Cmsgt, USAF (Ret) WWII, Korea, Vietnam Veteran (Jacksonville Al)
LODD: Asst Chief Edward C Vanner Jr�Quonset ANG Base R.I., Medical Emer on Duty - Passed at Hospital - - On the Wall as a LODD
Chief Victor Robinson - USAF/PREMF
BGen (Ret) John Hardy - USAFE CE (AMC CE) Crew Chief (Civ) Thomas Robinson - Altus
Chief (SMSgt - Ret) John Stokes - Tyndall
Deputy Chief (MSgt - Ret) Gerald Garrett - Dyess
Deputy Chief (MSgt - Ret) Dennis Haglund - Patrick
Deputy Chief (MSgt - Ret) Patrick Jolicoeur - Norton
**Instructor - TSgt Brad E. Brown - Goodfellow Off Duty Accident
Asst Chief Operations Jerry Chalker (Civ - Ret) - Tyndall
Asst Chief Operations Ray West - Charleston
Crew Chief (Civ) Thomas Robinson - Altus
Wayne Douglas Krienke (Ssgt - Ret) - Malmstrom
Firefighter Staff Sgt. Tanner Volkers - Joint Base Elmendorf/Richardson AK


Leonard W. Biddle (Msgt USAF Ret) Magnolia AR
MSgt Kevin L. Johnson Combat Readiness Ctr, Gulfport, MS
Assistant Chief John Carl Coulter (Civ - Ret) - Nellis
Firefighter Kelley Drew Theriot (MIL) Columbus AFB
Firefighter James E. Robertson, (CIV) Columbus AFB
Firefighter Leroy Jones Jr, (CIV) Columbus AFB and Meridian Naval station
Fire Chief/Assistant Chief Harold Loveless (Msgt USAF Ret) Loring
Raymond G. Hubbard (MSgt - Ret) - Dover
Chief Dan Coban - Eielson - WWII Veteran
Firefighter SRA Geoffrey L. Cullen - Columbus
Firefighter Rex Roberts - Robins
Firefighter Paul Wagner - Ramstein
Chief Joseph A. Cherniga (SMSgt - Ret) - Eglin
Chief Larry J. Lowman (CMSgt - Ret) - Offutt
Chief (USAF - Ret) Joseph Marvin Jarrell - Selfridge - WWII Veteran
Chief David J. Nivens
Assistant Chief Kenneth P. Fitch - Griffiss/Avon Park
LODD: MSgt Kevin L. Johnson (MS, Combat Readiness Center, Gulfport, MS) 6 Apr 12 - - On the Wall as a LODD
Aircrew Crash: 4 July 2012
White Draw Fire (Edgemont, SD - Aircraft - MAFFS - 7 - Home Base 145th ANG Charlotte
LODD: LtCol Paul Mikeal - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Maj Joseph McCormick - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Maj David Ryan - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: SMSgt Robert Cannon - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Firefighter William L. Billingheimer - Patrick
Chief Larry A. Libby - Loring AFB, ME - - Pope/Naval Support Activity Winter Harbor
Assistant Chief Larry Mullins (TSgt - Ret) Offutt
Assistant Chief Harold Loveless (TSgt - Ret) Loring
Firefighter Benjamin Davine - Kuwait
Chief (SMSgt - Ret) James P. Habovick, Sr.
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Hugh B. Akers - Tyndall
Norman A. Dion - Offutt
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Charlie Huff - Grissom
Msgt (USAF Ret) Mike Havens - Eglin
Bill Kerns - Eglin
Brent T. Nelson (SMSgt - Ret) - Tinker
Lowell A. Young (CMSgt - Ret) - Osan/Saudi Arabia
Bob Malin (Maj - USAF Ret) - HQ SAC/MAC - Offutt/Scott
Inspector Donald D. Powell (MSgt - Ret) - Bergstrom
Chief Charles Caithaml (CMSgt - Ret) - March
Chief Jim Deal - HQ ADC
Assistant Chief Herbert T. Hartman (MSgt - Ret) - Eielson
Firefighter Matthew Garrity - Dobbins
**Chief Rick Grammer - HQ MAC - Scott
Patrick Sheely (Former AF FF - Fairchild) Civ FF Fed Fire San Diego
Jason B. Carlson (Former AF FF) Riverview FL
LODD: A1C Derek Kozorosky - Kadena - Vehicle Accident: On the Wall as a LODD


Herr Lambert Hens - Spangdahlem Civ FF
Thomas S. Mulholland (MSgt - Ret) - Tyndall
TSgt Timothy R. Hogan - Keesler
Assistant Chief Donald A. Brown - McGuire
Chief John O'Donnell (CMSgt - Ret) Indian Springs (Creech AFB)
Chief Paul D. Sutphin (CMSgt - Ret) - Torrejon/Tyndall
Assistant Chief John Hamre (CMSgt - ANG Ret) - Tyndall
Assistant Chief David W. Morris - Dover
Chief Billy J. Norman (CMSgt - Ret)
Msgt (USAF Ret) William S. Rabon, Sr. - Shaw
TSgt Michael Wayne Gambill - Colorado Springs
Chief James U. File (SMSgt - Ret) - F.E. Warren
Chief James Robert Vonderhaar, Sr. - Keesler
Senior Airman Matthew Johnston - Travis
Chief Philip E. Boyer III - Westover
Assistant Chief Kenneth Harold Fort - McGuire
Chief (USAF - Ret) Ernest Rivers - Yokota
Chief Joseph P. Odea
Contract FF Almir Bikovic (Bosnian National) Bagram Fire Department


ANG Fire Chief Jim Hathway, Sioux City, IA
Chief Ed Samms - HQ Alaskan Air Command
Firefighter Robert Munson - Altus
Firefighter John E. Gerard - Nevada Test Site (Mercury)
Fire Chief (SMSgt - Ret) Ralph Dewey Shelton, Jr. - Barksdale
Assistant Chief Delton Frazier - Dobbins
Assistant Chief (USAF - Ret) Joe Taylor - Luke
Chief Jim J. Hannon
Assistant Chief James Wrisner - Arnold
Assistant Chief Jeffrey Snaze - Niagara Falls
Fire Chief Ed Kear - McConnell
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Rodney H. Winningham - Tyndall Staff
Stephen R. Durand (MSgt - Ret) - Peterson
Chief (CMSgt - Ret )Ralph D. McHenry - Whiteman
LODD: Fire Captain Marty Harold Sparks - Wright Patterson - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Torben O. Anderson - Thule - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Daryl G. Holbrook - Ft Bragg
Chief Mike Devaughn - Eielson
Fire Inspector Ernest A. Snyder (Tsgt USAF Ret) - Keesler AFB MS
Wiley J. McLeod (MSgt - Ret) - Duke Field
Chief (SMSgt - Ret) Gary Studer - Ohio ANG
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Clinton Carr - Holloman
Assistant Chief James P. Hannon, Sr. - Atlantic City NJ ANG
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Willie A. Bell - Edwards
Chief (CWO - Ret) Bobby Barrow - Eglin
Chief Jerry O�Neil - McChord
Deputy Chief (USAF - Ret) Larry Hopkins - Seymour Johnson
Instructor Herbert �Lefty� Lefkowitz - Chanute
Chief Alfred S. Nowell - Holloman
Chief Jerome Thomas. O�Neil - McChord
Assistant Chief John E. Smith - Luke
Chief Clarence J. Martell
Ronald Hatfield (Msgt - Ret


Chief Donald Arnold
Chief (SMSgt - Ret) Robert Lincoln. Smith - Norton
**Chief Hamp Cayson (SMSgt - Ret) - Scott - HQ MAC Staff
Chief Richard J. Mrowinski (SMSgt - Ret)
Deputy Chief Mark Reeves - McConnell
Chief Phillip B. Breyer - Duluith
Firefighter (SSgt - AFRES) Ricardo Villalobos - March
**Chief Randy Frederic Schryer - Davis Monthan
Assistant Chief Donald Arnold - Ellsworth
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Walter J. McNeil - Naval Station Panama City
**Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Hugh A. Pike - Tyndall - AFCESA Staff
Assistant Chief Gerome Shanklin - Selfridge ANG
Assistant Chief Ben S. McNeil - Avon Park


Fire Captain Glen M. Tracy (CPO - USN - Ret) - Eglin
James Williams (USAF - Ret) - Whiteman
Chief William Wilson (CMSgt - Ret) - Eglin
Chief Brian Stoneback (CMSgt - USAFR - Ret) - Tyndall AFCESA Staff
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Don Holloman - Andrews
Firefighter TSgt Jacob E. Lessen - Bergstrom
Chief Dean Greb - Buckley
**TSgt Ernest Rockamore - Hurlburt Field
**Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Charles W. Risinger - Eglin/Tyndall R&D Lab
Chief Hugh E. "Marty" Martin (SMSgt - Ret) - Eglin
Chief Charles E. Tanner (SMSgt - Ret) - Sheppard
**Lead Firefighter Robert C. Yow - Eglin
Chief Ronald Diener - Vance
Chief Ed Dickman
AC Fire Prevention Rainey (MSgt - Ret) - Hurlburt Field
Calvin James Allen, MSgt - Ret


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Kenneth Erwin Sr - HQ ATC - Randolph
Chief Richard I. Waller - Alaskan Air Command
Chief Bill York
Chief Jim Brown
Chief Robert Vreeland - 15th Air Force
Chief (USAF - Ret) Robert A. McAllister - Columbus
Chief Charles Chedd - Alaskan Air Command
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Don Smith - Carswell
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Keith Moser - USAFE Staff
Fire Inspector (Msgt - Ret) Phil Mossey - Moody
LODD: SSgt Ray Rangel - Balad, Iraq (Dyess)
LODD: Sgt/FF Brian E. Dunlap USMC - Camp Pendleton/Al Taqaddum Iraq


CMSgt Steve Blackhurst (USAF Ret)
Chief Fred Elkins - Myrtle Beach
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Robert H. Gamelgardt
Assistant Chief (MSgt - Ret) Dale Otto - Norton
CWO Val Allen, Bergstrom
Chief Bill Thomas
Chief Curtis Dunn
Chief Bill Goodwin - Tyndall
Deputy Chief Morris Eidson
Chief Albert Wise
Chief Glenn Cocherell - Hurlburt
Chief Louis Libby


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Guy Wills - Eglin
Chief Ray Guise (CMSgt - Ret)
LODD: Larry A. Brown - Kingsley Field
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Wando Holt (WWII, Korea,Vietnam Vet)
Chief Ray Munn - Hurlburt
Chief Robert Giberson
Charles A. Garmon (Tsgt - Ret) - Fairchild/Spokane WA
Firefighter (GS7/SSgt) Richard Garrett - Columbus AFB
Firefighter (National Response Corp. Contract) Robert Grimm - Kuwait/Iraq


Chief Jim Darraugh - Seymour Johnson
Chief J. K. Schmidt - Eglin
Chief Paul Odell - HQ TAC - Langley
Chief John Keys HQ TAC
Chief Richard F. Reilly
Chief John F. Schaber Offutt
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Walter Evans
Chief Clifford Skeen. Cannon
Assistant Chief - Prevention - Richard Coxson (MSgt - Ret/Civ - Ret) Hurlburt Fld
James Boyd (Former AF FF) Civilian FF/Paramedic - Grissom Air Force Base, Peru, IN


Chief Arthur Hruska (CMsgt - Ret), March
Chief Herbert Biggs - Tyndall
Chief Paul Dillon
Chief George Godward
Asst Chief Bobby Kirkendall - (SMSgt USAF Ret) Tyndall AFB


Chief George Telford - AF Systems Command
Chief Garrold Sperry, England


Chief Haskell Jenkins - Westover
Chief (SMS - Ret) George Crowder - Hurlburt Field
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Don Waling - HQ USAFE Staff
Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Earl Walsh - Moody
Doug Boner MSgt (USAF Ret) - Dover
LODD: TSgt Thomas R. O�Flahrity - Prince Sultan, SA - - On the Wall as a LODD


Chief A. C. Hoover, Altus
Chief (SMSgt - Ret) Frank Cox - Hickam
MSgt Don Lewis (USAF - Ret) Tyndall AFRL R&D Lab
LODD: SrA Donald A. Trotochaud - Laughlin - Fire Vehicle Accident - - On the Wall as a LODD


CWO James Dixon, Goose Bay


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Norman Doug Knowles - HQ AFCESA - Tyndall Staff
Chief Larry Parker, Davis Monthan


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Henry (Hank) Meadors - Vandenberg
Chief Darrold Saul, Whiteman
Chief Fred Hill (MSgt - Ret) (Civ Svs - Ret) - Andrews
LODD: POL Tank Incident/Fire - Sheppard - 11 July 1995
LODD: Richard Hogan - - On the Wall as a LODD
LODD: A1C Christopher Rezac - - On the Wall as a LODD


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Fred Moore
Chief Virgil Miller
Chief Spence Allen, Elmendorf
Chief Hollis Skidmore (CMS - Ret), Witchata Falls
LODD: Captain Jesse Shockley, Jr. - Fort Bragg On the Wall as a LODD


CWO Louis F. Garland - Chanute
Chief Bob Rushin, Hurlburt


TSgt Thomas O'Flaherty Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Chief Golden �Goldie� Simmons - HQ ADC Colorado Springs
Chief Paul Durham - Langley - HQ TAC
Chief Virgil Miller, Malstrom
James Boyd Former AF FF


Chief Anthony Sielinski
Chief Glen Mullins, Castle
Chief Jake Ruppert, Offutt
LODD: A1C James E. White - Carslwell - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Chief Leslie L. Heine, Bergstrom


Chief Roscoe Lewis Bell - HQ USAF - Pentagon
Amn Michael Keating (Langley) TDY to Egypt
LODD: Amn Steven Huitt - F.E. Warren - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Ralph Sanborn - HQ SAC
Chief Jasper W. Patterson - HQ CTAF (Crew Training Air Force)
Firefighter SRA Ronald Anthony Packwood - Chanute
Robert C. Niebuhr (Msgt Ret ANG) Truax Field, Madison, WI


LODD: TSgt William C. Hartsell - Tonapah, NV - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Chief Charles Wellwood, March


Asst Chief of Training Carroll MSgt, (USAF Ret) - Dover
LODD: Louis T. Osteen - Laughlin - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�


LODD: A1C Monex Thomas - Blythville - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�
Chief Lonnie Stevenson, Seymour Johnson


Chief (CMSgt - Ret) Walt Howland
LODD: A1C Ronald McNeely - Davis Monthan - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Chief Charles R. Kuhns - F. E. Warren - On Duty - �On the Wall as a LODD�


LODD: Dean Chapman - Dyess - Vehicle Re-servicing - �On the Wall as a LODD�
SRA - Fire Fighter John Swain - Langley


Chief Thurston Madlock - Langley Fire Chief
LODD: MSgt James Woods - Williams - On Duty - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Chief Ross Stephens - Fire Prevention Engineer - Air Defense Command


Wildland emergency incident - Vandenberg - 20 December 1977
LODD: Chief Billy J. Bell - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Eugene C. Cooper - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Ward Summitt - Altus - On Duty - �On the Wall as a LODD�


LODD: Kenneth D. Double - F. E. Warren - Training Accident - �On the Wall as a LODD�


LODD: SSgt Wilber Unruth - Buckley Field - POL Tank Emergency - �On the Wall as a LODD�
18 July 74 - - 22nd Bombardment Wing, Roswell Industrial Air Park, NM
Structure Fire with Explosion
LODD: Sgt John V. Howard On the Wall as a LODD


LODD: William Kassheimer - Williams - Aircraft Emergency - �On the Wall as a LODD�
Korat Thailand - F - 105 Fire and Explosion - 17 May 1972
LODD: SSgt Raymond Daubeniek - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Sgt James Latham - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Karnichit Patfasna - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Niphon Wanarat - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Samarn Beonsari - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Tavil Teskaujana - �On the Wall as a LODD�


*****LODD: A1C Richard Criner - Dormitory Fire - Chanute - 3 June 1971


Da Nang Vietnam - Refueling/Aim 9 Explosion - 2 September 1970
LODD: SSgt Bobby L. Holzer - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A1C Robert P. Pape - �On the Wall as a LODD�


1969 (Still being investigated and validated)
Avon Park Fl - Crash - HH43B Crash Det 14 Eastern Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron
Air Force - LODD 5 June 1969
Major Dale W. Eder, 44 Hampton, VA, Pilot
Lt. Richard Fitzsimmons, Belvidere, IL Co - Pilot -
Fire Fighter Sgt (Ssgt Select) Jerry R. Evans, 22 Glendale, Md.
Firefighter SSgt Patrick John Geisler, 28, Tampa, FL
A1C Jon Henry Showers, 19, Biloxi. Miss.
A1C Craig A. Carver, 19, Elsinore, Calif
Sgt. Coy N. Carrington, 24 Tampa, FL
SSgt Joseph W. G. Mills, 24, Melbourne, FL
SSgt Walter Wesley Williams, Jr. 27, Cordele GA


Tuy Hoa Vietnam - Helicopter Crash 20 February 1968
LODD: SSgt Hurshell H. Gough - �On the Wall as a LODD�
Binh Thuy Vietnam - Aircraft Emergency 8 May 1968
LODD: SSgt James E. Spickler - �On the Wall as a LODD�
Phan Rang Vietnam - Crash of Pedro 44 - 10 October 1968
LODD: TSgt Emmett S. Orr (Pedro Crew) - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: SSgt Milard Luther E. Bledsoe (Pedro Crew) - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Da Nang Vietnam - Mortar Attack Incident - 7 July 1967
LODD: A1C James Brooks - �On the Wall as a LODD�
Da Nang Vietnam - Mortar Attack Incident - 15 July 1967
LODD: A2C Charles R. Humble - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A2C Charles D. Ward - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A1C Ronald F. Poole - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A2C Charles F. Boss - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A1C John S. Berg - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Chief Frank Joseph VI - MacDill

Bien Hoa Vietnam - Aircraft Crash/Explosion - 27 April 1965
LODD: A1C Robert W. Doss - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Whiteman - B - 47 Explosion - 15 May 1962
LODD: TSgt Richard East - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A3C Wayne Hower - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A2C Joseph Palogima - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A1C Paul Ralls - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: A1C Chester Taylor - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Wright Patterson - Structural Collapse - 21 November 1961
LODD: William J. Collins - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Dale V. Kelchner - �On the Wall as a LODD�

Altus - 8 May 1961 - Vehicle Accident
LODD: A1C Rufus L. Meachum - �On the Wall as a LODD�


George - F - 86 Crash - 6 April 1954
LODD: Carl C. Case - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: TSgt James C. Flowers - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Yokota - B - 29 Explosion 18 November 1951
LODD: Sgt Forrest D. Claude - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Sgt Newton P. McDonald - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: PFC Herman Breeding Jr - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Chotaro Morita - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Yasuo Sato - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Shigeru Tanaka - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Masakichi Tsunoda - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Isamu Ikeda - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Shinpei Izawa - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Noboru Yamada - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Fairfield - Suisun (now Travis AFB) CA - B - 29 Emergency - 5 August 1950
LODD: SSgt John E. McCullum - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Cpl Doyal D. Hansted - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Pfc William R. Vetter - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Pvt Emile G. Bender Jr - �On the Wall as a LODD�
LODD: Pvt Edward Goins - �On the Wall as a LODD�


Rhein Main GE - Vehicle Accident - 2 October 1948
LODD: Pfc Johnnie T. Orms - �On the Wall as a LODD�