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George Weaghington created this treat that some AF Firefighters out there might appreciate. It�s for those who use Mozilla Firefox as their web browser.  All they have to do is select it from their personas. When they go there it is title Air Force Firedawgs. Or here is the link to make it easier.     Then just click wear it.  Enjoy.

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5 Apr 10

Speed Traps -

2 Feb 08

Year by Year

3 Aug 06

bulletSmoke Detectors may not work for kid! - watch the video here
bullet    To get the whole story, read what others have to say:
bullet        Consumer Product Safety Commission
bullet        US Fire Administration
bullet        Fire Chief Magazine Story


31 Jul 06

bulletHurricane Wind Speed:

4 Feb 06

bulletFind were sex offenders live in your neighborhood:

21 Jan 06

bulletBurial in a National Cemetery: 
bulletGet Your Military Records: 

29 Jun 05

bulletMilitary Discounts

26 Jun 05

Check out these interesting links:

bulletAbout Classical Music:
bulletDigital Imagery from NY Public Library:
bulletYahoo's digital music subscription site:
bulletDecorating concepts/ideas:
bulletStore, search, sort, share your photos:
bulletDo It yourself digital home:
bulletAnswers to anything:
bulletWhat to do - victims of identity theft:
bulletFind the best prices from reputable merchants:

3 Mar 05

Free admission to amusement parks for military members and their families.  Check here.

9 Aug 04

Free weekly newsletter from provides the latest news and information covering all the changes affecting the military community.  Sign up here.

23 Aug 04

The US Postal Service has started a new service where you can create a custom postage stamp.  It's really easy - just upload a picture of your choice, pay the fee, and the deed is done.  I just ordered some stamps with my grandbabies picture and can't wait to get them.  The web site is - Give me some feedback at the bottom of the page....

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3 Jul 04

Here's a new work schedule being used at some DoD fire departments.  Address questions to Aaron Woods - he provided the document.

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2 Jul 04

If you would like us to notify you via E-mail of any orders to fly the flag at half staff, please contact with: "Add to half staff mail list", in the subject line. We will notify you when we become aware of any such orders.

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24 Jun 04

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1 May 04

If you want to accumulate savings AT NO COST TO YOU, go to UPromise and sign up.  You get contributions for your purchases, for using credit cards, and more.  Check it out and sign up.  You can register for your own kids or someone else's kids.  You can also invite others to help you save for the same kid(s).  

This looks too good to be true but I learned about it through a professional trade magazine that I trust.  I also read a lot of their materials.  As far as I can determine, UPromise is total legitimate.  But check out the site and make your own judgment.

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